Elevating Safety: Innovative Protective Hygienic Screens

Help prevent the spread of pathogens

Safety of your staff and customers is our number one priority. In these ever-changing times, Gunnebo can deliver a hygienic and safe solution to help prevent the spread of pathogens by limiting the transfer of air borne particles and prevent accidental touching.

Ideal for use in Supermarkets,  Pharmacy’s, Petrol Stations, Take Away Food Outlets, Government Agencies and all other places where customers must be served by a staff member. The Gunnebo Protective Hygienic Screens can be tailored to your customer facing environment to ensure the solution provides the highest level of protection.

Available in two options; Counter Mounted and Self-Serve Checkout Freestanding Screens.

Counter Mounted Hygienic Screens

Counter Screen

The Gunnebo Protective Hygienic Screens Counter Mounted create a physical barrier between staff and customers whilst maintaining customer service levels, as the screens do not hinder communication. Customers are still able to easily make payment and the Gunnebo Protective Hygienic Screens provide an additional security layer assisting in the prevention of physical attack.

Self-Service Checkout Freestanding Screen

Kiosk Area Curved Screen

The Gunnebo Protective Hygienic Screens for Self-Service Checkouts are Freestanding Screens that will protect customers and staff by limiting the transfer of air borne particles. These screens will help provide peace of mind for customers and staff alike.


  • Provides a protective hygienic barrier
  • Does not hinder communication
  • Clear see through design to ensure security
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor applications as the Protective Screens have excellent weatherability.
  • Better impact strength than glass providing added security in preventing physical attack
  • Excellent optical quality
  • High surface hardness
  • Excellent light transmission
  • Easy to Clean
  • Chemical resistance to common acids, alkalis, salt spray, petroleum oils and greases.
  • Light weight enabling a fast and efficient installation
  • Multiple height options to suit your environment

The Gunnebo Protective Hygienic Screens are constructed from cell cast acrylic. This is one of the most widely used grades of acrylic sheet in today’s market.

We can tailor make a solution to help you, with fast turnaround our installation team are ready to serve you.

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