How Advanced Entrance Control Systems are Securing a more Sustainable Future

As security technology continues to move forward at lightning speed, its importance in the development of intelligent buildings has gained significant traction. 🌍🏢

A smart building has been defined as one that, “collects data from multiple systems and devices and shares that information so that action can be taken to improve business process, operational efficiency, sustainability, health and occupant safety, and user experience.” says Howard Lang, President of Gunnebo Entrance Control in a recent interview with IFSEC Insider – Security & fire news which explores “How advanced entrance control systems are securing a more sustainable future”. *Click to read the full article*

Advanced #accesscontrol systems are playing a crucial role in building a more sustainable future, with companies such as Gunnebo deploying equipment and software designed to be efficient and environmentally friendly to ensure we are doing our bit.


So what are Gunnebo Australia doing to ensure they are attributing to a more sustainable future? 

  • Continue to hold our ISO14001 Environment Management System certification since 2021
  • Offer products which are fully recyclable such as rated aluminum doors and frames
  • Provide software such as EntraLinq paired with Gunnebo Entrance Control to assist in the efficient management of a sites accessibility
  • Our factories all over the globe are continually working to reduce their footprint in both manufacturing and packaging Gunnebo products
  • Our Head office location at Bella Vista has been fit out with LED lighting to reduce our power consumption as an office building
  • Signatory to APCO (Australian Packaging Covenant Organization)
  • Eliminated single use plastics throughout our locations
  • Separable waste at all our locations so we can truly recycle
  • Deploy eco-friendly company vehicles

As technology continues to evolve, so does the way we secure our buildings. Entrance control systems are no longer just about granting or denying entry; they are now combining security and intelligence; ultimately enhancing #sustainability.

Gunnebo Intelligence creating a Sustainability Future


By implementing advanced access control solutions, organizations are utilizing modern technologies to create more environmentally conscious and sustainable businesses to adapt with the market.

Download the Gunnebo Sustainability Approach

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