Bollard Installation at the Redfern Station

Perimeter protection can often look and feel quite invasive to the public it is there to protect. Ensuring your hostile vehicle mitigation can be customized to suit the requirements of a site is paramount to creating an optimal security posture.

In today’s society, how something looks can often be just as important as the protection level it provides. Being able to change the colour of something, or print a design can assist to disguise hostile vehicle mitigation, allowing the solution to not feel so intrusive.

Our installation at Redfern Station worked closely with Curio Projects to design customized sleeves for an array of bollards installed across the stations entrance ways. The sleeves have beautifully crafted Aboriginal artwork, designed on Gadigal country. These artworks showcase the talent and creativity of young local Redfern children. Through the designs, the children have reflected what Redfern means to them, their home, their family and their shared stories and culture.

These bollards have been installed to protect the large number of people passing through the train stations thoroughfares daily from potential vehicular attacks. However, the local council wanted to incorporate the local heritage and Aboriginal people into the protection method. They have achieved this through the customized sleeves.