Round Table Discussion at the Swedish Embassy in Australia

Gunnebo Australia were invited to be a part of the Swedish Embassy in Australia’s latest Roundtable discussion. The event saw a wide range of high level participants, who all share the common goal – to Protect our Nation’s People and Assets. The discussion was introduced by the Swedish Ambassador, Henrik Cederin, informing guests about the Swedish National security strategy and outlining the diverse threat perception and increasingly complex security environment. Cederin spoke about the technological developments and the risks and opportunities associated with digitalisation, as well as elaborating on the importance of protecting critical infrastructure.

The values and ways of working within Swedish organisations was the sharable objective of the day. The Ambassador emphasized the importance of public-private partnerships to address the security challenges we have here in Australia.

The Swedish Way, in relation to security, is that reliability, integrity and ethics must permeate all steps of the supply chain

Henrik Cederin

As Gunnebo is an organisation who are Swedish owned, but operate globally here in Australia, Gunnebo Australia, along with a small group of other businesses were selected to share our views and ways of working with the audience. Panellists spoke about securing critical infrastructure and the importance of ethics and trust from their respective area of operation. Managing Director of Gunnebo Australia, Michael Brookes shared his views on the importance of building strong relationships, where you are a trusted organisation early on in the design phase of a project. “Early engagement and trust throughout a project process is an integral part of building long-lasting partnerships with customers.” Said Michael Brookes.

Overall, Gunnebo were pleased to be able to share our integrated Swedish / Australian values and norms that have formed us into the business we are today.

Some People Listening the Seminar Some People Giving the SeminarSome People Listening During the Seminar


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