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Thursday June 1st Gunnebo, Davcor and API joined forces to host the Safeguarding Australia and Protecting Our Assets Symposium. Hosted at the Rydges World Square, the event was targeted at those within the Critical Infrastructure and High Risk Site space, to discuss current topics and challenges the industries are facing and how they can be combat. Product displays from Gunnebo Australia, Davcor, API Access & Security, Gallagher Security and Layer 3 Services that are all designed to assist in protecting assets and critical infrastructure were available for guests to interact with. There was also a great range of food and drinks available for guests to be able to network with industry colleagues.

After product demonstrations and networking, we begun our presentations. We heard from Ben Beard, Managing Director from Mithril Security; Annalese Ryan, Security Risk & Resilience Manager from the Sydney Opera House; and Chris Cubbage, Security Technology Consultant from Almec House. Each speaker gave an interesting overview on a relevant topic currently impacting critical infrastructure, such as cyber threats, counter-terrorism, and overall security threats. Then joining the conversation, we had Don Williams, Director from Layer 3 Services join our guest speakers for a panel discussion; where topics and questions from our audience were presented to the group to answer. If you would like to learn more about our guest speakers, simply head to the event webpage. At the end of the evening, we had a lucky door prize draw for an Apple 9th Generation iPad, which went to one of our lucky guests.

Guests were able to see first hand the products that can be used to protect critical infrastructure and high risk sites. Gunnebo’s product offering of the evening took the customer on a journey of protecting a site from the outside, in. Beginning with the perimeter, we had the Immotus Bollard – a new to market shallow mount, single tested bollard (tested to IWA-14-:2013 – certified with a result of <0.4 penetration) boasts attractive design flexibility with installation. Next, we wanted to harden the building, for this we had an R2 Rated Bullet Resistant Frame Test unit with an internal glass sample to simulate if a bullet attack were to occur on a building with R2 rated frames or glass, how the structure would react. Coming into our building entrance, we had the SpeedStile FLs showcased. This elegant speedgate is an ideal selection for incorporating all benefit features a speedstile can offer without compromising on aesthetics. Lastly, to protect internal assets and sensitive areas, we had the SoloTek unit. A wall mounting detection unit, ensuring un-authorized people cannot gain access to restricted zones.

Gunnebo Areas Wheel2

Want to learn more about how Gunnebo can develop a layered security approach for critical infrastructure and high risk sites? You can read our whitepaper here.

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