See Gunnbo at the Security & Government Expo 2019

SECURITY & Government Expo 2019 will be held at the Realm Hotel Canberra on Thursday November 14th between 12-6pm, giving government security managers and facilities managers, security installers and integrators, and security consultants, the perfect opportunity to get a look at the latest security technologies in the nation’s capital.

SAGE ASIS Seminars will run alongside the expo and everyone is welcome to attend sessions of their choice. After SAGE, the annual ASIS dinner is the perfect opportunity for SAGE attendees to continue networking with government security people in a relaxed and convivial atmosphere.

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Security and Government Expo is a one-day pop-up expo with 35 security solutions providers promoting their technologies and products to government and commercial end users, consultants, integrators and installers in Canberra and the ACT in a relaxed and informal atmosphere.


Protecting the Nation’s People and Assets

Our solutions are engineered to work in harmony with the built environment and its surroundings. We focus on making people more safe and secure whilst at the same time making security for all intents and purposes invisible. Implementing coherent security is underpinned by the resources used for surveillance, flow organisation and physical barriers all complementing each other, as part of the same overall approach to security levels.


Our Solutions aim is to:

  • Delay the advance of the  break-in  by  creating  physical  and  temporal  distance  relative  to  the  object  to  be  protected.
  • Progressively apply this protection solution from the  guard  stations  and  the  buildings’  external  envelope,  right  up  to  the  sensitive  operational  zones  inside.
  • Defend the most sensitive zones using certified  protection  means,  factoring  in  peoples’  safety  in  the  event  of  evacuation.
  • Protect the object  itself,  ensuring  that  it  may  not  be  accessed  unless  established  procedures  are  followed.


Our Range of Solutions

The Perimeter 

TradeshowStarting on the outside – protecting a high risk site or an area of mass gather should start at the perimeter, thus delaying the advance of a break-in.  Many high risk sites have hard perimeters in place. How do you ensure this protection is a complete security solution? How do you implement measures to protect other areas of mass gathering?


Our range of Hostile Vehicle Mitigation include, bollards, street furniture, road blockers, anti-crash gates, crash rated boom barriers and more. Our specialist HVM solutions have been successfully impact tested to PAS 68, IWA 14-1 & ASTM F2656 and are designed to protect buildings and critical infrastructure & public places including airports, military bases, government buildings and other areas of critical importance. Our solutions are installed and proven both in Australia and around the world.


Come to the Gunnebo stand at SAGE and you will see samples of the Resilience SSF100 Bollard. This is an IWA14-1 impact tested super shallow foundation bollard, designed to provide stand-off hostile vehicle protection for infrastructure without the need for deep foundations. View more information on Resilience SSF 100 Bollard


Guard Stations and External Building Envelop 

Guard Station & External BuildingOnce the perimeter is addressed the next step is to ensure the outside of the building is protected. Our solutions will deliver and enhance your security, by controlling and protecting vehicle and pedestrian access points and can be integrated into your overall security strategy.


Our solutions include bullet, blast and manual attack resistant Security Doors, Windows and Partitions. For example, our Curtain Wall is a combination of high-resistant steel profiles and glass to guarantee maximum security against physical and ballistic attacks according to European Standards. Manual attack protection up to RC4. Ballistic protection for to level FB6. These solutions do not compromise on aesthetics and come in a choice of glazing and finishes in aluminium and steel.


In addition, our solutions include; products for security offices that include transfer solutions, bullet resistant roller shutters, bullet, blast and manual attack resistance windows and partitions customised to your needs all designed to provide the optimum level of protection within the site. View more Information on Security Doors, Windows & Partitions


Entrance and Foyer Solutions

Pedestrian filtering  equipment  helps  strengthen  the  company’s  image  and  improve  the  quality  of  the  welcome  that  people  from  outside  the  site  (visitors,  service  providers,  clients)  get  as  soon  as  they  arrive  by  making  it  easier  for  them  to  make  their  way  around.  It  also  provides  a  security  function:

  • Filtering access  and  exit  channels  using  an  effective  system  that  factors  in  flow  types  without  affecting  the  site’s  accessibility.
  • Detecting fraudulent  attempts  to  enter  the  site  or  access  a  zone,  checking  for  weapons  or  preventing  illicit  materials  being  taken  into  or  out  of  safety  zones.
  • Preventing unauthorised  people  from  gaining  entry  and  ensuring  single  passage  into  sensitive  operational  areas,  regardless  of  the  protection  level,  without  compromising  freedom  of  movement.


If your security requirements are to regulate the flow of people into and out of buildings, we have solutions which are elegant, come with sophisticated design. Our speed gates have the capability to integrate with all Access Control options including, lift direction, card access and more recently Facial Recognition.  Come to see at the Gunnebo stand at SAGE and you can experience the latest innovation in Facial Recognition integrated into a Gunnebo Speedstile. View more information on Facial Recognition in Motion


Depending on the assets that you are looking to protect, the number of layers of protection that you are looking to protect your assets, come and have a chat with us regarding your security concerns and we can help you with the customised security solutions to ensure your peace of mind for the security of your assets.

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