Gunnebo’s Cutting Edge Airport Solutions for Australian Airports

The AAA National Conference is the pre-eminent aviation conference and exhibition in the Asia Pacific Region and in 2018 attracted over 800 delegates from Australia, New Zealand and internationally.

This year’s program is focused on sustainability, technology, security, customer and commercial aspects of the aviation industry.

With increased content relevant to regional council mayors, councillors and CEO’s as well as the traditional airport manager related content.

The Industry Exhibition will return to the Tuesday to Thursday and will offer incredible opportunities to network. To maximise the time spent by delegates in the Industry Exhibition catering will be held in this space.


Showcasing some of the below products:

The 2019 AAA National Conference will offer more ways than ever to connect with all sectors of the aviation industry.

We look forward to seeing you on the Gold Coast for the 2019 AAA National Conference and Industry Exhibition.

G Business TechfaceCome and see how Gunnebo are OneID ready. The One ID concept is a streamlined and smooth process based on early validation of passenger identity at airports.

One ID relies on a trust framework where collaborating stakeholders store, share, and reuse passenger information in a common Identity Management Platform (IMP). This enables interoperable system coordination between airports, airlines and governments.


Why do we need One Id?

Passengers expect a smooth passage through the airport. The airport strives for an efficient process where passengers arrive into and depart from the airport with maxi-mum efficiency. Airline operators, in turn, aim for as short turn-around times as possible, as every minute an airplane stays on the ground only generates cost.

One ID brings all stakeholders together in establishing a common vision and roadmap for robust and efficient identity management across the end-to-end passenger process. This will help deliver a secure, seamless, and efficient passenger experience.

Today’s airports are not just locations where passengers get on and off aircraft. Highest security standards have to be followed, cost-driven efficiency must be achieved and the best passenger experience provided in this very competitive environment.

Gunnebo Entrance Control improve airport efficiency by providing reliable solutions for fast and safe efficient passage. Gunnebo solutions are implemented in airports all over the world.

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