SafeStore Auto Mini Xpress

SafeStore Auto Mini Xpress

Your convenient and cost effective self-service system.

SafeStore Auto is a fully automated system of safe deposit lockers which your customers can access from a self-service terminal. After complete identification, a robot delivers the locker to the terminal.

The SafeStore Auto Mini Xpress model brings together security and convenience. It provides the appropriate balance between the right level of service for your size and type of organization and helps you to determine the sweet spot for the security, the simplicity and overhead cost.

SafeStore Auto Mini Xpress combines next generation automated technology and advanced customer identification to deliver 24/7 accessibility and top-level security.

Differentiate your brand with SafeStore Auto.

Key Benefits at a Glance

  • The mobile system for automated self-service
  • The imperative for reliability
  • Build your own safe

Product Overview

Simplifying without Compromising

The mobile system for automated self-service

SafeStore Auto Mini Xpress is dedicated to one core mission: delivering the most cost effective way for you to enter the new age of secure self-service. It includes all the capabilities required to satisfy the 24/7 self-service availability for your customers. With simplicity intrinsic to SafeStore Auto Mini Xpress, secure self-service is more effective as a system.

The imperative for reliability

Built on the standard SafeStore Auto Mini solution, the Xpress version offers all the functions and convenience you expect, but at a price that fi ts your size and type of organisation: certified panels up to Grade V to resist burglary and an ergonomic display terminal. SafeStore Auto Mini Xpress is the perfect way to get into your first self-service solution and start enjoying a robust design that is mobile enough to perfectly fit into your architectural environment. The simple but reliable amenities also help make the installation and ownership easy to handle.

Build your own

In addition to a variety of plug-and-play services, you can select your options from the features below and start your custom experience with SafeStore Auto
Mini Xpress:
– Choice from two software applications, from the most advanced to the simple one
– An access control system for your secure area with the SafeT unit

The SafeStore Auto Mini Xpress saves you time, money and help you gain competitive advantage to link your brand and deliver tailored services for your customers.