High Risk Sites

High Risk Sites

In the wake of various terrorist attacks that have been carried out around the world in recent years, Sensitive Sites are facing a broader range of potential threats than ever before. These atrocities have been characterised by their unexpectedness and the difficulties involved in protecting against them.

Infrastructure is vitally important for the operation of modern companies. If there is a fault, the consequences can be significant for energy or water supply services, communications or the availability of public services, resulting in major economic or public security problems.

Protecting each sensitive site should be unique: it will be determined by the type of activity carried out, its environment, flows of property and people, local reaction capacity and the potential impact on business and the company’s reputation in the event of an accident or attack.

Gunnebo designs and implements progressive solutions which form part of a system approach in which the resources used complement each other. Our security approach is underpinned by coherence and the operational maintenance of resources used to manage risks incurred, the aim being to deliver an optimum protection system that is upgradable and future proof.

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