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Operational Efficiencies – End to End

Distribution Centres efficiency is crucial for Retailers. Efficient work practices and automation are on the agenda to reduce operational costs. Warehouse facilities have moved towards becoming complex distribution and information centres that provide linkages along a product’s entire supply chain, facilitating just-in-time supply of stock. Manufacturers, retailers and wholesalers have adjusted their supply chains accordingly and now tend to hold less stock on hand.

Our world-wide experience working with large, medium and small retailers has allowed us to understand and implement strategies in partnership with Retailers who are faced with the dichotomy of needing to continue its investment in delivering an exceptional customer experience whilst at the same time driving cost efficiencies to retain and grow its market share.

Gunnebo’s Solutions provide Distribution Centres with Security and monitoring products to assist with the streamlining of processes.

Gunnebo Solutions Map

Gunnebo provide a variety of solutions to increase operational efficiencies and protect staff and goods from theft in a Distribution Centre environment. Perimeter Protection, Intrusion Detection, CCTV monitoring, People Counting Software, RFID Tagging for stock control, Secure Doors, Windows and Partions and Safes are all part of the Gunnebo Solution. Please hover over the icons to understand the solutions.

RFID - Fast Inventory Count

Counting only takes minutes and can be done as frequently as required. This ability enables managers to ensure that merchandise, especially new arrivals, will not be left out in the backroom. Pick-lists for replenishment can be generated on the fly allowing staff to restock merchandise in a timely manner, and to avoid out of stocks. The solution can be used in conjunction with the store’s planogram in order to verify that the merchandise layout matches the required presentation, and ensuring that racks and shelves contain the proper product mix.

Secure Your Office

Ensure your office is not vulnerable. Gunnebo provide security doors, windows and partitions that control the movement of individuals and prevent public access to areas intended for staff use only. All solutions are designed to provide the optimum level of protection, including against vandalism, manual attacks, ballistics and blasts. In addition, solutions are available with multiple levels of resistance for sensitive areas without compromising efficiency of operation within the site.

Perimeter Protection - Vehicle Security

Striking a perfect balance between accessibility and security can be the most troublesome part of perimeter security.While the age-old worries of robbery and vandalism remain major concerns, newer risks such as data theft and threats to infrastructure now pose significant concerns.

Gunnebo ‘s vehicle security products are designed to control the flow of vehicle traffic in and out of particular sites and prevents unauthorised vehicle access to these buildings.

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