Correctional Facilities

Security Solutions for Correctional Facilities

The Correctional and Detention facility aims to provide a safe, secure and humane correctional system that incorporates elements of rehabilitation, education and community protection. In the March quarter 2017, the average daily number of full-time prisoners in Australia was 40,577. This was an increase of 3% (1,009 persons) from the December quarter 2016; and 7% (2,581 persons) from the March quarter 2016.

The safety and security are of paramount importance when managing Correctional Facilities. If there is a fault in conducting the day to day running of the facility, the consequences can be fatal.

The Gunnebo Advantage

At Gunnebo we understand and can provide solutions to maintain safety and security for staff, inmates and visitors. We provide solutions ranging from perimeter protection, secure entrance control, CCTV monitoring, etc.

Our solutions can deter and detect the transfer of Contraband. We help with visitor management, safe and efficient internal transfer / flow of inmates, we help protect staff.

The modern correctional facilities faces the challenge of the new generation of convicts and we help you provide solutions to be ready for any such occurrence. Reduce the cost of staffing by use of technology.