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The digital revolution can help you develop Customer Loyalty

Did you know that in 2016, digital sales platforms surpassed physical retail stores in customer spending? Naysayers declared the retail outlet to be on its last legs, but the truth is, it’s far from over for the classic brick-and-mortar store. There is still one significant factor that gives physical locations a competitive edge over e-commerce: Customer service.

While we know that most online shops have dedicated staff to handle inquiries and aftersales queries, the service that customers are looking for are more pre-emptive than that. You need to deliver an experience and offer something personalised that an e-commerce algorithm cannot.

In order to effectively deliver this experience, physical retail operations need to work efficiently. In many cases, cumbersome and incompatible processes can significantly bog down even the most productive retailer. Daily administrative tasks can too easily become the focal point, which can leave customers wanting.

This is obviously not ideal. However, there is a solution; a way to bring customers back into the spotlight where they belong. They are, after all, a retailers bread and butter, and without personalised engagement, what reason do they have to visit your store rather than shopping online?

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