Store Assist

Store Assist

StoreAssist is the new Gateway solution to increase sales and reduce shrinkage in your store. The staff can get a quick overview if someone is using the dressing room and for how long. The risk for shoplifters to work undisturbed decreases.

StoreAssist can give a statistical overview of the usage and customer flow in your dressing rooms. The statistics can be exported from the system into your own statistical software for deeper analysis.

The dressing rooms are monitored with sensors, giving indications on a tablet, android watch, mobile device or monitor.

Key Benefits at a Glance

  • Increased sales- Assist the customer at the right time.
  • Less shrinkage- Shoplifters will be unsuccessful since they are being monitored.
  • Mobile Application- Quick overview of the fitting room right in your android mobile device or watch.
  • Customer flow- Decrease the waiting time by showing your customer which dressing room is available on a monitor.
  • Optimization of staff- Staff can work on the floor and still have control over the dressing room area by looking at a mobile device or monitor.
  • Intelligent sensor setup- Scans the dressing room environment and discriminates solid objects such as chairs, mirrors and hangers.

Product Overview

Increase customer service & Increase profit

StoreAssist is a product developed by Gateway to meet the market’s need for optimization of the fitting room area. A sensor is mounted in the corner of every fitting room. The sensor can be integrated with an assistance button and adapted in it’s design to complement your brand.

The sensors are connected with a screen where staff easily can see which fitting rooms are occupied and which are free. This is also integratable with your smart units, like tablets, phones and smart watches. Notifications will be sent to those units when a person has been in a fitting room during a “too long” period of time to limit the possibilities of shoplifting.

StoreAssist will also give you valuable statistics about how many fitting rooms that has been used per day, which fitting rooms that are most popular how many of the shops total customers that uses the fitting room if it is integrated with people counting products.

Live monitoring

Intelligent sensors sends notifications to Monitor, Tablet, Phone or Watch

Intelligent sensors will scan the fitting room cabinets and acknowledge if a person is using it. Indications will immediately be sent to the device of your choice. Set a time limit to show additional indication if a person has been using the fitting room for too long and might be in need of assistance.

Fitting room statistics

Export data for analysis. Create conversion rates from POS & People Counting systems.

Store Assist is also a tool to optimize the fitting room area. It gives information of customer behavior. Statistics can be exported as a common CSV file, giving insights to optimize your store(s) in terms of staff planning and sales. From a single store to multiples.