SpeedStile FLs

SpeedStile FLs

Free movement and full security were once opposites…
we’ve made the differences vanish into thin air.

Elegant and sophisticated design combined with the best technology available makes our SpeedStile suitable for all areas where aesthetic values, excessive flow, maximum reliability and uncompromised security are high in demand. By integrating access control devices, our pedestrian speed gates provide high security and capacity in one solution that effectively prevents unauthorized passage. Our SpeedStile’s are also available in extra wide versions that comply with Disabled Access requirements.

Key Benefits at a Glance

  • Fraud detection through sophisticated and proven algorithm
  • Emitter/receiver infrared sensors technology
  • Wide walkway for wheelchair or easier access
  • Voltage free contact input for Fire alarm fail state
  • Manual push opening on power off
  • Clear Acrylic flap leaves (option) for higher safety
  • Logic voltage 24 V dc
  • Safety light curtain (option)
  • Safety force detection
  • Anti-panic push opening in operation
  • Accurate presence sensing

Product Overview


Flap Leaf Speed Gate for Internal Installation

Motorised flap leaves

Minimal footprint, transparent and user-friendly design for all users, for sites where limited space is required and aesthetics is important. Quiet and smooth in operation, this Gunnebo Speed Gate concept design is available in the BA finish with square-ends or in the EV version with round-ends, both with a selection of cabinet lengths and flap leaf widths, top lid materials, finishes and options.

Applications include Leisure, Government, Finance, Banking, Retail, Telecommunications, Information Technology, Publishing, Education.

Mode of Operation

Passage in one or both directions is electronically controlled. On receiving a signal from the access control system, or remote control, the flap leaves open (Normally Closed NC). If an unauthorised person tries to tailgate or attempts to enter from the opposite direction, the in-built alarm system is activated.
If within the pre-set timeout no passage has occurred, the lane will close and reset. Normally Open N/O provides an open walkway in rest position and will only close at unauthorised entry or tailgating attempts.


BA and EV share the same chassis, plinth and end leg posts and rotor column finishing in 304 grade stainless steel and glass inlay 10mm thick, leaves 10mm toughened glass or clear acrylic as option.

Options & Accessories

  • Alternative finishes and materials
  • Light curtain safety kit
  • Card reader integration
  • Clear acrylic wings
  • Remote control systems
  • Preassembled or in a kit form


Power Supply 230 VAC 50HZ(1)
Power Rating 120VA IN OPERATION
Operating Temperature +5 C to +40 C RH 95% NO CONDENSING
IP Rating IP20
Noise Level Less than 55dB(2)