Safestore Auto Mini

Safestore Auto Mini

Your choice for a compact self-service system

Provide your customers with 24/7 access to their valuables via a plug-and-play automated safe deposit locker system that is ideal for small- and mediumsized, or temporary locations: SafeStore Auto Mini is the portable model from the SafeStore Auto range, offering the next-generation automated security and advanced customer identification features you expect from this revolutionary system. Ideal for banking, hotel and office environments, it meets your need for a highly mobile solution that can easily integrate into any existing self-service area for greater return on investment.

Differentiate your brand with SafeStore Auto.

Key Benefits at a Glance

  • Automated technology for 24/7 accessibility
  • Mobile by design
  • Customisation at your service

Product Overview

Differentiate your brand with SafeStore Auto

Automated technology for 24/7 accessibility

Reduce staff time as the next-generation automated technology retrieves the locker compartment without assistance from staff at any time and on any day of the week. Drive utilisation rates, attract a broader customer base and increase locker rental fees thanks to 24/7 accessibility. Offer customers and employees user-friendly features like the interactive user interface and card reader, both of which are as easy to use as an automated teller machine (ATM). And enhance access for people with a disability with the new ergonomic touchscreen.

Mobile by design

Discover the plug-and-play design delivered as a complete unit for quick installation in small and narrow self-service areas. Need to relocate? Simply move and install: your system is up and running in no time, thereby optimising your investment. Integrate easily into any existing environment without the need for physical alterations.

Customisation at your service

Choose from two different sizes (1920 mm or 2650 mm), three different locker heights, and between 51 and 101 locker compartments for a variety of possible arrangements. Customise the terminal’s colours and materials to better integrate into your self-service area. For even larger units, Gunnebo’s SafeStore Auto Midi and SafeStore Auto Maxi are also available.