SafeCash Retail Station

SafeCash Retail Station

Streamline your operations, quickly count, recycle, reconcile and secure cash

Gunnebo’s cash recycling equipment facilitates a streamlined and cost effective way of managing cash for retailers, stadiums and gaming venues. Our solutions reduce manual handling of cash and takes back office automation one step further by improving both the cash cycle and your internal process.

By recycling cash in-house the dependency on the cash-in-transit (CIT) company is greatly reduced, operator time preparing floats and dispensing cash is minimised, security is increased and information for reconciliation is provided in real time.

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Key Benefits at a Glance

  • Wide variety of functionalities to process and recycle notes and coins
  • Improved cash management
  • Less back-office administration
  • Real-time monitoring of cash levels- better CIT service
  • Complete transaction transparency- no cash discrepancies
  • Optional (in cooperation with third party companies)
  • Same-day credit
  • Back-office POS matching

Product Overview

The SafeCash Retail Station is a full cash recycling solution used to bulk drop takings from Pokie Machines, recycle the cash and dispense floats to refill ATM’s, Cash Redemption Terminals and the Cash Office. Also ideal to quickly and securely fill, refill and empty tills for Bars, Restaurants, Coffee Shops and more.

Coins  Sorting Speed 800-900 coins per minute
Coins Sorting Capacity upto 8 denominations
Notes Sorting Speed up to 8 notes per second
Note Bundle up to 200 notes per deposit (multiple deposits possible)
Orientation Freestanding - Frontloading