Full-Height Turnstile for external installation

Innovative as flexible concept design. Aesthetic and robust design available with three (120°) or four (90°) rotor elements, delivered fully assembled or in a kit form. The range includes both the BA (basic) frame and the EV (evolution) full side frame versions in painted or stainless steel finish, alongside customisation and options.

Applications include Petrochemical, Construction Sites, Stadia, Ports & Harbours, Government Buildings, Embassies, etc.

Key Benefits at a Glance

  • Wrong way direction / intrusion attempt
  • Optional, Improper Transit Confirmation (ITC) / rotation without passage, fraud attempt, sensor for passage detection
  • Fraud Detection through proven algorithm
  • Manually operated arms
  • Anti-heel safety rubber, for Interlocking 90° version
  • Anti-pinching design construction

Product Overview

Hand-operated electromechanical head, silent and smooth rotation

Passage in one or both directions electronically controlled. On receiving a signal from the access control system or remote control, the mechanism unlocks and the arms can be pushed to pass through the gate in the authorised direction. It prevents two passages at one time, and if an unauthorised person attempts to enter from the opposite direction, the in-built locking mechanism stops any attempt to reverse the rotation.

Options & Accessories

• Alternative finishes and materials
• Fully assembled or kit form
• Pictogram
• Damped head mechanism
• Canopy (aluminium frame)
• Down light
• Status light
• Card reader integration
• Remote control systems
• Smooth and silent damping mechanism
• Improper Transit Control (ITC)
• Heating kit -10°C
• Base Plate

Power Supply 230VAC 50HZ(1)
Power Rating (2) 50VA Single
50+50VA Double Interlocking
Battery Back-up N/A
Operating Temperature -5°C TO + 50°C RH 95% NO CONDENSING
IP Rating IP44
Noise Level LESS THAN 55dB(3)