RFID- Inventory Management Solutions

RFID- Inventory Management Solutions

Inventory counting only takes minutes and can be done as frequently as required.

This ability enables managers to ensure that merchandise, especially new arrivals, will not be left out in the backroom. Pick-lists for replenishment can be generated on the fly allowing staff to restock merchandise in a timely manner, and to avoid out of stocks. The solution can be used in conjunction with the store’s planogram in order to verify that the merchandise layout matches the required presentation, and ensuring that racks and shelves contain the proper product mix.

Key Benefits at a Glance

  • Smart Replenishment- Increase Sales by Demand-Driven Replenishment
  • Real-time Replenishment- Avoid out of stocks and lost sales
  • Replenishment Analysis-On-demand
  • Quick Customer Checkout-Shorter lines minimizing walk-offs
  • Tag Commissioning- Real time stock levels

Product Overview

Inventory Management Solutions

Gunnebo’s Smart Replenishment Solution enables retailers to increase sales and reduce stock carrying costs by ensuring that all required styles and sizes are available on the sales floor. Gateway’s Smart EAS Tags attached to apparel, footwear, eye wear and accessories, provide real-time visibility of stock levels in your store’s backroom and sales floor.

Real-time Replenishment allows staff to restock merchandise in a timely manner and to avoid out of stocks and lost sales. Sold items are automatically added to the pick-list displayed on the backroom monitor. Store associates can easily replenish items from backroom to sales floor with maximum control over the process.

Quick and accurate inventory count and replenishment analysis of an entire store takes minutes and can be performed on-demand whenever required, even every day. Pick-lists for replenishment are generated upon each stock count. Items to be taken to the sales floor are shown in one list while missing items are shown on a second list.

Our Smart POS Detacher can cut customer checkout time up to 50%, since barcode scanning is not required. The result is shorter lines, accurate price charging, and increased sales due to fewer customer walk-offs.

Our Smart EAS Tags can be attached and associated to a variety of products, providing real-time visibility of stock levels in your store’s backroom and sales floor. Tag commissioning devices are completely standalone and do not require network connectivity or integration.