Manual Full-Height-Turnstile for Internal Installation

RevoSec is an elegant and transparent full-height turnstile available in many configurations: from model FP with full stainless steel construction, roof, rounded glass panel infill, full panel glass wings and stainless steel column; further enhanced by framed glass panel wings and brush strips (model FG).

Applications areas include that of Government buildings, retail, finance hubs, telecommunications, IT, Banking, Publishing, Leisure, Petrochemical and education sector, etc.

Key Benefits at a Glance

  • Elegant and transparent design
  • Delivered in kit form for ease of transportation to installation site
  • Equipped with damper for silent mechanism and smooth operation

Product Overview

The RevoSec offers a standard electro-mechanical head able to prevent two passages at one time, equipped with damper for a silent mechanism and smooth operation.

For models FP and FG, a sensor restricts access to the dead area generating an alarm in case of passage in the unauthorised direction of passage. The door will lock and then release in this direction via a cornice mounted keyswitch.
In the event of an emergency or power-off scenario, the unit can be configured fail-safe i.e. rotor freely rotates or fail-lock i.e. rotor locks. This option is available either in one or both directions of passage.


Electro-mechanical head mechanism:
• Positive action lock to prevent two passages at a time
• Self centring mechanism to ensure complete rotation in the rest position
• Anti backup device to prevent reverse rotation once the head moved 30° from rest position
• Hyrdraulic damper to ensure a smooth and quiet operation

Power Failure / Fire Alarm

The rotor wings remain locked in the fail-lock configuration (not recommended for FP and FG models to not trap people in the dead area) or can freely rotate in the fail-safe configuration. Fail-Lock or Fail-Safe configuration is available in one or both directions and must be specified at time of order placement. Note that head mechanism fail state will be the same as power failure choice. Input facility is available for voltage free contact to effect fire alarm fail state (COMR1 interface required).


LCM02 microprocessor control logic:
• One input for opening/locking the mechanism in one direction
• Two protected outputs for control of the opening/locking solenoids
• Four protected outputs for piloting way mode indicators
• Two OV output relays indicating availability of use in either direction
• Two OV outputs to count passage in either direction
• Adjustable time out via parameter change: i.e. Go signal is cancelled if the passage is not completed within a pre-set time (standard default 8sec)


Dimensions See details on next page
Power Supply Power Supply
Power Rating 50VA
Operating Temperature 0 to +45°C (RH 95% not condensing)
IP rating / MCBF / MTTR IP 30 / 1.5M cycles / less than 30 min
Flow Rates (approximate figures): Insertion Type Reader: 12 passages per minute
Swipe Type Reader: 15 passages per minute
Proximity Reader: “Hands Free”: 17 passages per minute