Peripheral Equipment

Peripheral Equipment

Gunnebo provide a variety of peripheral equipment in conjunction with our Security Doors, Windows and Partitions that complete the protection system. Locking systems, Detection systems, Opening systems and Control systems.

Locking Systems

GDL 2200GDL 2200

Motorized lock for emergency exits

The GDL 2200 is an electromagnetic locking device for emergency exits that has been approved in accordance with the NF S 61-937 standard. This motorized lock is classified as an Actuated Safety Device and has 1 locking point.

It is surface-mounted on the upper head section of the door inside the secure zone and has to manage access effectively.

SeRitz Locks – Motorised

Uni directional, right or left hand mounting motorised Locking system.

Unlocking is operated after request using dry contacts (push button, badge readers, keypads, etc.)

  • The SeRitz 3000 is factory fitted option
  • Optional supply to most Gunnebo SAS units and doors
  • Suitable for integration into ballistic and physical attack products
  • Each locking point capable to withstand 3 tonnes mechanical resistance
  • 100Kg pressure can be applied, i.e panic situation, which will not prevent the door from opening
  • Motorized element is installed within the door jamb and locking cups into the opening profile



SoloTek is a single-person detection system which can be used to strengthen access control and ensure that only one person tries to pass through a door, airlock or corridor at a time.

This passage-detection solution ideally suited to managing people’s access to sensitive or strategic areas.

Designed to increase the security provided by access control systems, SoloTek can be surface mounted onto doors or airlocks and provides security between zones, preventing two people or more from simultaneously accessing them via a third-party system.

  • Plug and play system, easy to install, no civil engineering work required
  • Can be surface-mounted on all doors
  • Compatible with all intrusion detection systems, so that information can be shared in real time
  • Option to authorise access with two-wheeled trolleys (cabin suitcase type)
  • Counting function for an additional level of security

Control Systems

CBAConsole-005CBA Control Console

Control console for security doors and airlocks The CBA console is the MMI (Man-Machine Interface) for remotely controlling security doors or airlocks at any time. It has 6 keys, 8 indicators and 1 loudspeaker, capable of generating 3 different sounds.


An electronic management concept

to simplify the onsite implementation

of an airlock

Document Downloads

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SeRitz 3000 Locking System