Retail Store Security

Store Management

Innovative store management solutions that help you measure and manage your valuable store resources. Change Room management, People Counting and Data Analytics to improve profitability.

That’s what we do here at Gunnebo – supplying a raft of security products and services that can ensure a retail enterprise is operating as efficiently as possible and with peace of mind that its assets are protected. This security doesn’t just defend against theft or shrinkage, but can actively free up staff to spend more time and energy focusing on customers, ensuring loyalty and repeat business in a world where there are so many retail outlets to chose from.

Store Assist

StoreAssist is the new Gateway solution to increase sales and reduce shrinkage in your store. The st...

RFID- Inventory Management Solutions

Inventory counting only takes minutes and can be done as frequently as required. This ability enab...

People Counting

Making effective business decisions with real intelligence TrueView People Counting software syste...