SafePay - Closed Cash Handling

Introducing SafePay

At Gunnebo we are pioneers in cash management.
Our extensive experience is in boosting productivity
and security as well as in reducing costs and losses.
The truly closed cash management system, SafePay™,
automates and efficiently secures the handling of your
cash – from checkout through the back office to the
CIT cash centre and bank. With SafePay your customers
will enjoy faster service, your cashiers will work in a
more secure environment, and you will benefit from
safe, fast and controlled transactions.

Key Features

  • Improved in store cash management
  • Optimised control and planning
  • Remote support and technical monitoring
  • Same day value integration with your bank

Gunnebo SafePay - Closed Cash Handling

A complete guide to the SafePay product highlighting the benefits of Closed Cash Handling.