Intelli-vend™ – Note Handling and Coin Dispensing

Complete control and real-time accountability for cash transactions.

Today’s retailers require complete control and real-time accountability for cash transactions at service stations and retail operations to better manage cash payments. An efficient system that can improve overall productivity, reduce internal shrinkage, deter armed robbery and significantly reduce cash-handling costs can provide retailers with significant bottom-line improvements.

Your intelligent cash-handling solution

Intelli-Vend™ is a secure, cash automation solution designed to count, secure and manage cash in your business. Not only a deposit safe, but also with the added advantage of being able to control the dispensing of specific amounts of notes and coins, on demand. This controlled dispensing capability enables you to automatically dispense initial floats and top-up change to cashiers, resulting in smaller floats, reduced cash holdings at tills, and saves hours of management time every day.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Easy-load note dispenser: up to four denominations Sealed, easy-to-swap deposit cassettes: 600, 1.200 and 2.200 note capacity cassettes (up to two per machine).

  • Easy-load loose/rolled coin dispensers: up to eight dispensers per machine.

  • On-board thermal receipt printer: available for change inventory reporting; deposit/dispense receipts; and shift, day and clearance reports.

  • High-security system: two-key access feature.

  • Compact design: ideal for under-counter installation.

  • High-performance note validators: secure note deposit and counterfeit rejection.

  • Quick Deposit Button allows staff to deposit cash with one touch.

  • Option to choose between cash cassette or sealed bags.

Technical Details

External Dimensions:

845 x 770 x 550 mm (H x W x D)

Validator capacity:

2 x 1.200 note cassettes


Frontload, staff-operated

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