People Counting

People Counting

Making effective business decisions with real intelligence

TrueView People Counting software system counts the number of visitors that enter your store. Tracking and analyzing your customer volume enables you to schedule the correct amount of sales staff to ensure the best possible customer service.

TrueView People Counting data when combined with your existing POS system can help you to turn potential customers into paying customers.

TrueView People Counting data allows you to compare individual store performance across multiple locations remotely and can give you an improved understanding of marketing campaigns effectiveness and which store is preforming better.

Key Benefits at a Glance

  • Affect your bottom line with improved staff planning
  • Improve customer service with a 24/7 view of your store
  • Calculate your store’s conversion rate
  • Compare store performance across multiple locations
  • Optimize building layout and staffing levels

Product Overview

Demographics Management System

Making effective business decisions with real intelligence

Understanding your customer demographic means understanding who your customer is: What gender they are, what age bracket they are in.

TrueView Demographics software films customers as they are walking through your store and turns this into functional data you can combine with your POS system for improved target marketing and customer knowledge.

Occupancy Management System

Making effective business decisions with real intelligence

TrueView Occupancy software system counts in real time how many people are inside a designated area at any one time. This valuable data that can be integrated with your POS system to provide alerts when your building has reached maximum capacity thus aiding building safety compliance.

TrueView Occupancy can help you improve staff planning to ensure a consistent level of service depending on store occupancy levels.

Queue Management System

Making effective business decisions with real intelligence

TrueView Queue Management system means that you can quantify queue demand at any given time and inform staff of this data in real time.

Using TrueView Queue Management enables you to adjust your staffing levels to suit your store’s needs, thus cutting down on staff planning, costs and more importantly customer waiting times.

For increased transparency, export store data from TrueView Queue Management and compare this with the existing POS data. Manage multi-site and multi camera installations and remotely for a powerful sales tool.

One Way Management System

Making effective business decisions with real intelligence

TrueView One Way software system monitors one-way foot traffic flow through critical pathways for safety and security requirements such as in airports. TrueView One Way can reduce costs and reduce the need for manual monitoring, it also allows you to monitor multiple sites remotely.

Web Report Management System

Making effective business decisions with real intelligence

TrueView Web Report System is a web-based package that allows you to compile and analyze your data relating to all store assist management systems as well as from POS data. The total solution offering is a cloud application managed by Cognimatics, it is configured for you, and with just a few clicks you can start receiving data from the different applications such as People Counting Management System. If required the software package can also be installed on your own server.

The data can be remotely accessed from your web browser and lets you track trends and patterns therefore improving the overall understanding of your store’s performance. With increased accuracy and speed this information can be displayed using interactive graphs. These interactive charts can help determine things such as staffing levels, conversion rates, opening hours and store layout all from a single source.