Eco Planter Bollards

Eco Planter Bollards

Eco Planter Bollards

The Gunnebo rated bollard Planter systems are designed for use at Public Venues, Commercial Buildings, Airports,
Places of Mass Gathering and any other buildings or public areas where aesthetically pleasing Hostile Vehicle Mitigation Products are required.

Key Benefits at a Glance

  • Internal planter sections 355mm x 110mm deep. Note; all plants and planting materials are not included.
  • Standard cladding in Merbau or Eco decking plans. Custom cladding materials available on request.
  • Designed to fit many PAS68 bollards rated to resist a 7500kg truck travelling at 48kph or 64kph.
  • Using common 273mm diameter bollards with a 1200mm gap between them the clear width between the planters will be 1070mm.
  • Constructed from galvanized mild steel and finished a choice of cladding materials.
  • Standard single planter is 400mm square by 1120mm high. Standard double planter is 1825mm wide x 400mm deep x 1120mm high
  • Planters are specifically designed to slide and evenly crumble around the internal crash rated bollard during an impact. This is extremely important so that there are no peak pressure points created to compromise the crash rating or structure integrity of the internal bollard.

Product Overview

Gunnebo designs and implements progressive solutions which form part of a system approach in which the
resources used complement each other. Our security approach is underpinned by coherence and the operational maintenance of resources used to manage risks incurred, the aim being to deliver an optimum protection system that is up gradable and future proof.

Options Available

  • Increase height for deeper planter area.
  • Customer widths to suit other bollards or different bollard widths.
  • Flat or sloping top blanking caps if planting is not desired.
  • Removable planter trays.
  • Matching double bollard bench seat design options.



Single 400mm Square, 1120mm high
Double 1825mm x 400mm, 1120mm high