FB 6 Garrison Ballistic Protection Gate

FB 6 Garrison Ballistic Protection Gate

FB 6Garrison Ballistic Gate

The FB6 Garrison Ballistic Protection Gate provides a high level of security against unauthorised vehicle access and the threat of armed attack.

The sliding gate incorporates a ballistic armour protection system that has been independently tested to BS EN 1522:1999 protecting against a level FB7 weapon attack.

The gate is available in a range of gate heights, clear widths and foundation depths are under 500mm.

Key Benefits at a Glance

  • Independently tested to FB7 classification and the requirements of BS EN 1522:1999; Windows, Doors, Shutters and Blinds – Bullet Resistance – Requirements and Classification.
  • Confidence in proven performance against ballistic attack
  • Independently tested to FB7 and the requirements of BS EN 1523:1998; Windows, Doors, Shutters and Blinds – Bullet Resistance – Test Method.
  • Tested to internationally recognised standards
  • Variable height and clear widths
  • Strength and durability
  • Manual operating override facility
  • Flexibility to suit site requirements
  • High quality coating system
  • Operational under power failure conditions
  • Shallow mounting less than 500mm overall depth
  • Reliable and dependable
  • Hold to run operation as standard
  • Overcomes site depth restrictions
  • Safe operation

Product Overview

Manufactured by engineers with a wealth of experience in the fields of Holistic security design principles, the FB6 Garrison Gate is a highly dependable security product. Designed to withstand extreme aggressive attacks while maintaining a pedestrian secure environment.

Where the gate is fully clad, the operator must have clear visibility of both sides of the gate before operating. If the control point is remote from the installation, we strongly recommend the fitting of safety systems as well as a recordable CCTV system.

The gate comes with a push-button hold to run control as standard but can be customised to interface with a wide range of access control equipment to suit specific customer requirements.

Please note this is a specialist high security product and is designed for use with vehicles only and a full site risk assessment must be carried out at design stage to ensure all relevant safety systems are included.

All ballistic protection gates manufactured and supplied outside the UK are subject to a project specific export licence being granted by the UK Government.


Options available

  • 2 second per metre high speed operation
  • Impact rating to 7500kg at 64kph
  • Emergency buttons with lock down
  • UPS backup for the electrical system
  • Inductive loop detectors
  • Access and intercom systems
  • Safety edges, Safety beams & Laser Scanners
  • Traffic lights and back-indications systems
  • Fire retardant paint finish
  • Serrated / barbed wire toppings
Standard gate height & lengths: Standard gate height 3,000mm – additional razor wire/cladding can be added for additional height Standard sizes – clear width openings / gap of up to 6m Bespoke sizes available on request, subject to conditions, contact our sales department for advice
Basic power requirements: Subject to gate size and construction
Speed of operation: Speed of Operation: 5.7 seconds per metre (optional high speed operation 2 second per metre is available)
Operating temperature range available: -25°C – +70°C (variables available as options)
Construction: The framework is constructed from fully welded, heavy gauge, steel structures and hi-tensile structural steel, with an FB7 level ballistic protection system.
Classification FB7
Calibre 7.62x51mm
Bullet FMJ/PB/HC
Bullet Mass 9.5 ±0.1gr
Required Velocity 830 ±10 m/s
Key: FMJ – Full Metal Jacket
PB – Pointed Bullet
HC – Steel Hard Core >63HRC