Facial Recognition in Motion

Facial Recognition in Motion

In-Motion Identification to support Seamless Access

In Motion Identification is a complete solution which can be readily deployed in any access control related scenario, without the need to develop and support custom business logic or custom integrations. In Motion identification function with the speed of identification of less than 2 seconds (while in motion). The solution is highly cost-effective and straight forward integration with new or already deployed security infrastructure.

The solution offers optional visitor management function with unique encrypted QR code invitation feature which allows the user to invite guests to a facility.



Key Benefits at a Glance

  • In-Motion Identification to support Seamless Access
  • Ready to implement, fully productized solution for a Seamless Deployment
  • Built with the user in mind for a Seamless User Experience
  • Environmental adaptability for a Seamless Integration
  • Enterprise Ready
  • Proprietary anti-fraud detection algorithm

Product Overview

Facial Recognition in Motion


Transformative technologies to protect people, information and assets

The visual identification solution incorporates a unique fusion of biometric technologies, hardware components and design features to provide fast, non-invasive and accurate identification for identity at the speed of life, identifying authorized users from a distance and in-motion. Increasing end user convenience while improving physical security is a core design principle and unique offering.

Optional antifraud algorithm pack can be employed to prevent usage of pictures of enrolled person by a non-authorized person, this whole process occurs while the individual is In-Motion.

Main Requirments

  1. Lighting: In motion identification requires an evenly distributed light on the face of the person at 200 Lux or over, without strong backlight.
  2. Cabling, Network & Server infrastructure: An IP camera on the gate (speed stile) is used for every entry that supports visual identification.
  3. Access Control: In motion identification can control gates directly or use optional IP to Weigrad convertors to integrate with existing/third party access control solutions.
  4. Enrolment: To enrol in the visual identification solution, a picture must be taken for each user that would use the solution.