EMP Cabinets- Secure IT Level 3

EMP Cabinets- Secure IT Level 3

Server Cabinet with Protection Level 3

We live in a world governed by high-tech IT systems. As system complexity increases, so does our dependency upon them. So do the negative consequences of losing functionality or information in these systems, which is even more frightening. Therefore, these systems have increasingly become targets of criminals, terrorists and other organizations seeking to gain economic or strategic advantage by sabotage, espionage or by taking control of the servers that control these systems. Gunnebo server cabinets in Level 3 are designed to physically protect critical IT equipment against intrusion and manipulation and to ensure that no unauthorized person has access to information and hardware

Key Benefits at a Glance

  • Ventilation system designed to manage 1kW power input.
  • Fan package to draw air in and out through the top of the cabinet.
  • Controlling EN 1300 Certifi ed Key Lock.
  • Temperature display with temperature sensor alarm.
  • Potential equalisation to all contactable and conductive parts

Product Overview


SecureIT Level 3 cabinets are designed to meet the requirements of Scandinavian burglary resistance standard SS 3492. Engineered from solid 4mm special steel and with a four-way bolt work, Level 3 cabinets are built to withstand determined attacks. Cabinets are always secured by locks developed for the safes industry certifi ed according to EN 1300.

SecureIT Level 3 cabinets are tested by the SSF (Swedish Security Association) and certifi ed by SBSC (Swedish Fire and Security Certification). SecureIT Class 3 series meet the requirements of the Swedish Defence Material Administration (FMV) technical specification of protection and security lockers in level 3.

All cabinets are designed to be easily base anchored from within without the need to remove or interfere with installed equipment to resist unauthorised removal.

Level 3 cabinets are finished to blend into most office environments being painted in RAL 9002 light grey. The sizes we offer are the result of our experience in dealing with major clients. There is currently a choice of two heights, holding 19 or 38 server units, and two external depths.

Standard equipment

Secure-IT cabinets are “Plug and Play”. Upon delivery all internal connections and the 19” racking are in place, no build up is required. Simply install your server units and then connect power and communication cables. SecureIT Level 3 cabinets are available with two levels of interior– PASSIVE (P) and ACTIVE (A).


Secure-IT Level 3 cabinets are supplied as standard with a resettable key lock meeting the requirements
of European Standard EN 1300 Class A. A wide range of alternative electronic locks can be fitted according to the features and functionality required by the client. We offer from a simple code lock capable of accepting 2 individual user codes up to locks providing 99+ users, event audit reporting, time lock and time delay or even IP connectivity for remote lock monitoring should it be required. Only safe locks meeting the requirements of European Standard EN 1300 will be considered.

Level 3 cabinets offer a variety of options to maximise functionality. Additional ventilation fans can be added, connection to external cooling systems provided for, additional power or fibre optic connection points can be specified, left hand doors or rear service doors can all be accommodated if required.

Whilst a fixed 19” server rack is supplied as standard, it is possible to specify the more user-friendly, extendable 19” racking system which fully extends out of the cabinet on a rail system for service and maintenance. Both types of racking can be segregated into individual compartments if access issues exist relating to servers contained within the cabinet.