EMP Cabinets- Secure IT Level 2

EMP Cabinets- Secure IT Level 2

Physical IT Security

An effi cient operating IT system is one of the most important tools for running an operation. This applies equally to Government organisations, Telecommunications and Infrastructure installations, Commercial operations, Intelligence & Security Agencies, the list is endless. Having control of, and actively protecting information is a must in terms of ensuring continuity ans confidentiality. Primarily this means preventing unauthorised access to Servers handling and storing such data. Secure-IT is a range of cabinets designed to protect operating servers and Level 2 provides physical protection against intrusion, manipulation and willful damage.

Key Benefits at a Glance

  • Espagnolette bolt door locking system with locking handle.
  • Controlling EN 1300 Certified Key Lock.
  • Mounting plate for internal detector.
  • 19” Server racking.
  • Magnetic contact between door and frame for alarm connection.

Product Overview


The cabinet is constructed from 2mm steel. A self-supporting frame carries all outer panels and door. Although the unit is
delivered fully assembled, the design allows individual panels to be removed for maintenance access or to lighten the load
when installing or transporting if required. The removal of panels is only possible from the inside so only authorised
users can do so.

As standard cable entry is via the top of the cabinet but the option exists of base entry to allow installation within data centres if positioned upon raised computer flooring. Secure-IT Level 2 is available in a choice of two widths and three depths. The standard model is 700mm wide and thus passes easily through most doorways; in spite of the narrow width the door provides a clear opening of 610mm thus allowing full access to the 19” racking within. If more internal space is required, then opt for one of the larger models.

All cabinets are designed to be easily base anchored from within without the need to remove or interfere with installed equipment to resist unauthorised removal.

Secure-IT is finished to blend into most office environments being painted in RAL 9002 light grey.

Standard Equipment

Secure-IT cabinets are “Plug and Play”. Upon delivery all internal connections and the 19” racking are in place, no build up is required. Simply install your server units and then connect power and communication cables. One of two interior options are available.
There are two levels of equipment – PASSIVE (P) and ACTIVE (A). Please see “Product Specifi cation” for full details.


Secure-IT Level 2 cabinets are supplied as standard with a locking handle and a controlling resettable key lock which is certified according to EN 1300, the European standard for safe locks. A wide range of alternative electronic locks can be fitted according to the features and functionality required by the client. We offer from a simple code lock capable of accepting 2 individual user codes up to locks providing 99+ users, event audit reporting, time lock and time delay or even IP connectivity for remote lock monitoring should it be required. All locks fitted are tested and certified to EN 1300 Class A or B.


In addition to the Passive or Active option available it is also possible to provide additional ventilation, to connect to an external cooling system, provide additional cable entry points, provide a left hung door or even an additional door in the rear of the cabinet. All cabinets come with the 19” pull out racking frame installed; this can be segregated into individual compartments if access issues exist relating to servers contained within the cabinet.