EMP Cabinet

EMP Cabinet

Protection in the Digital Era

Companies today face rapidly multiplying, increasingly sophisticated security risks. Even the advanced IT systems that drive global business and underpin our society are susceptible to the latest state-of-the-art threats.

The Gunnebo Secure-IT range of cabinets protects servers with sensitive corporate and government data from intrusion, eavesdropping, and involuntary information bottling through no-disclosure signals. Designed for government agencies initially, the cabinets protect the servers themselves, ensuring that the information they contain is preserved. The Secure-IT range is plug&play and delivered with all connections and internal fittings to simply connect the servers in the cabinets and operate quickly and easily. Made from highly secure steel, the Secure-IT Cabinets and the high-security safe lock prevent unauthorised access and can be calibrated to meet an organisation’s needs. Cabinets can also be anchored in place and thus prevent unauthorised removal and theft.

Key Benefits at a Glance

  • Filtered and secure air in/out points.
  • Fully shielded fibre optic cable entry points.
  • Fully shielded power connections.
  • Active air circulation with temperature monitoring and alarm.
  • “Plug and Play” server connectivity

Product Overview

Protect your system in the new age

Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP) radiation poses a major risk to even the most advanced—and important—IT systems in the world. EMP is both a natural and manmade phenomenon that can render all electrical and electronic equipment permanently useless. When affected by EMP, electrical grids and all electrical equipment—including computers and IT servers—simply cease to function.

If weaponised, EMP radiation would result in a wide range of incidents and disasters. These range from everything from a small, targeted failure of a fire-control system, to a large-scale strike that would plunge countries into a “medieval era” without electricity and power. Weapons that generate the effects of EMP radiation have already been developed, including both electromagnetic weapons and high-altitude nuclear detonations.

Secure-IT Storage concept

Developed in close collaboration with a European Government Agency, Gunnebo has customised Secure- IT Storage concept cabinets to meet increasing demand for equipment protection. The range provides models to protect against both EMP and radio-wave information tapping.

With the Secure-IT EMP models, information travelling through and stored on a server is secured from:


Active shielding prevents the interception and analysis of electromagnetic radiation originating from a server (EMSEC emission security provision). Data interception is blocked through both active and passive shielding.


Server access is controlled with a high-security electronic lock.
The lock can be made accessible to multiple users, and activity
can be traced on an audit trail. The SS 3492-certifi ed outer
security cabinet prevents physical connections to the server.

Electromagnetic Pulse

The Faraday effect of the cabinet, combined with the heavy double-door and shielding, protects against high-intensity electromagnetic pulse emissions, whether of natural or manmade origin.

Electronic Information Gathering

It may sound like something out of a science-fi ction fi lm, but there is technology today that enables information to be intercepted by listening to and interpreting server emissions. Secure-IT EMP Cabinets are radio frequency-shielded to block these signals and prevent this type of espionage.

Physical threats

Simple aggression can put a server out of commission, and the information it holds can be easily downloaded onto a portable storage device. Secure-IT Class 3 EMP and basic Class 3 Cabinets are certified according to the Scandinavian security norm SS 3492.

Construction Class 3 EMP- 4mm SS 3492
Class 3- 4mm SS 3492
Class 2- 2mm light weight
EMP Protected Class 3 EMP- Yes
Class 3- No
Class 2- No
Tesmpest Protected Class 3 EMP- No
Class 3- No
Class 2- No
Options- Active Interiour Class 3 EMP- Standard
Class 3- Option
Class 2- Option
Options- Passive Interiour Class 3 EMP- No
Class 3- Option
Class 2- Option