Curtain Wall Dartek CW

Curtain Wall Dartek CW

Curtain Wall DarTek CW

In view of heightened risks and the emergence of new threats – such as terrorism and organised crime – it is now vital that sensitive sites implement reinforced protective measures in order to guard against attacks, secure their infrastructure and ensure the continuity of their business.

At Head offices, Police stations or administrative buildings, attacks can have fatal consequences. Special attention should therefore be paid to physically securing the sites, particularly to contain any attacks using fire arms. This involves installing curtain wall with high ballistic resistance so as to deter people from committing malicious acts and guarantee maximum security.


  • Elegant appearance.
  • Finishes and dimensions versatility.
  • Certified bullet resistance up to FB6 according EN 1522.
  • Certified manual attack resistance up to level RC4 according EN 1627.
  • Reduction of the consumption of energy in the building.

Key Benefits at a Glance

  • Global leader for security equipment of high risk sites
  • Over 30 year global experience
  • International and local support infrastructure
  • High-productivity and quality levels

Product Overview

Curtain Wall DarTek CW

DarTek CW is a high-performance range of Curtain Wall that has been specially designed to provide protection against gunfire from fire arms. It can be installed on any Building requiring ballistic protection. Perfectly suited
for use with sensitive or high-risk environments – such as Government buildings, Headquarters or Cash centers whilst maintaining an elegant appearance and saving energy.


The Curtain Wall DarTek CW have been tested and certified to withstand:

Ballistic attacks up to level FB6 in accordance with the European standard EN 1522.
Manual attacks up to level RC4 in accordance with the European standard EN 1627.
Design for reduction of the consumption of energy in the building.


Thermal regulations
Our Curtains Walls offer a real barrier against the thermal exchange. They fight against the strong temperature variations between outside / inside on a site whether it is:
– Cold (avoids the decrease of the heat in winter)
– Warm (limit in summer the reheating inside the building to limit the use of system of refreshment to reduce the consumption of energy in the building)


To harmonize with every types of architecture, all the component metallic profiles of the curtain wall are proposed in a wide choice of color (chart RAL) As well as a wide choice of clear or reflecting glazing.