Cash Management

Handling cash raises a number of challenges. They include shrinkage, robbery, staff and customer safety, and the optimisation of administrative procedures, reconciliation and reporting.

Gunnebo are Australia’s most experienced provider of Cash Management solutions and can provide products and services giving you security and visibility of cash in your business. Take the pain away from counting, recounting, validating, reconcilling and reporting cash by improving efficiencies in the cash cycle and make the whole cash handling process more secure. Gunnebo Solutions are used extensively by Casino’s, RSL’s, Supermarkets, Petrol Stations, Liquor Stores, Quick Service Restaurants, Speciality Retailers and more.

Our total cash handling offering includes back office systems, cash recycling machines, simple cash deposit units, software, service and integration solutions to make the complete cash handling process safer, faster and cost effective.

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Cash Made Smart
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Cash Recycling

Keep Your Cash Flowing
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Increased Security
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Deposit Solutions
Save Time
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Improve Productivity
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+50,000 Units Installed Around the Globe

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