75/40 Scimitar Static Bollard

75/40 Scimitar Static Bollard

Scimitar 75/40 Bollards are static bollards, that have been crash tested to the globally recognised standard BSi PAS 68, the physical impact test provides a means of testing the bollard in a real life environment, emulating a hostile vehicle attack.

The bollards are ideal to protect larger perimeters and can provide a cohesive line of protection to infrastructure including a stand off distance.

They can be utilised to restrict vehicle access to public areas, whilst allowing members of the public to move freely.  A row  of fixed bollards will prevent a vehicle driving at force into an unauthorised area, such as the front of an airport terminal, sports stadium or a pedestrian retail area.

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Key Benefits at a Glance

  • Physically impact tested to PAS 68 criteria
  • Unobtrusive appearance
  • Manufactured from heavy gauge materials
  • Comprehensive understanding of attack resistance & confidence in individual bollard performance
  • Variety of finishes including paint, stainless steel & ornate sleeves
  • Strength and durability

Product Overview

The 75/40 Scimitar bollards was physically impact tested to the BSi PAS 68 classification at MIRA Ltd used a 7500kg truck travelling at 40mph (64 mph) the vehicle was driven into the bollard and the fixed bollard stopped the vehicle

Avon’s Scimitar PAS 68 Static Bollards provide a versatile high security solution against unauthorised vehicle access or hostile attack without the need for an outwardly aggressive appearance. Impact testing has been undertaken at a variety of speeds and foundation depths providing clients with a range of bollards with varying levels of protection.

They are available in a number of finishes including paint finishes, stainless steel sleeves and ornate sleeves, their versatility allows them to be holistically integrated into a urban environment and discreetly protect sites where aesthetics and public perception are a consideration.

This is a specialist high security product and a full site risk assessment must be carried out at design stage to ensure that all relevant safety systems are included. Scimitar Bollards should be installed in accordance with the correct foundation drawings and should be installed with a clear distance of 1200mm (measured 600mm above ground level) between the facing edges of each bollard. Please refer to BSi PAS 69 or IWA 14-2 for guidance.

Bollard Diameter 273mm
Bollard Height 1 metre (above ground level)
Full PAS68 Classification V/7500(N2)/64/90:3.3/0
Model tested 273mm
Foundation Depth 650mm (Category C Depth >0.5m below ground level)
Construction The unit is comprised of a static sub-surface mounting tube and impact tube. The supporting framework is constructed from fully welded, high strength, structural steel completely encased with steel sheets to provide a self-shuttered module. The 273mm (+/- 1%) diameter bollard is constructed using hi-tensile structural steel