Security Doors, Windows & Partitions

Vandalism, Burglar, Bullet, Blast and Fire Resistant Doors, Windows & Partitions

The Gunnebo range of security doors, interlocking doors, security partitions and transaction windows developed to protect people, buildings and property, offering a maximum level of security for sites, staff and customers. 

​Gunnebo’s security doors, interlocking doors, security partitions and transaction windows are engineered to protect people, buildings and property, offering a maximum level of security for sites, staff and customers.

All solutions are designed to provide the optimum level of protection, including against vandalism, manual attacks, ballistics and blasts. In addition, solutions are available with multiple levels of resistance for sensitive areas without compromising freedom of movement for authorised individuals or efficiency of operation within the site.

Security Doors, Windows & Partitions

A wide range of high-security doors, all of which have been tested and certified by independent orga...

Walling Systems

Gunnebo’s security walling systems have been  developed to offer a deterrent and protection a...

Interlocking Doors

Interlocking Doors The range of interlocking doors provides the right levels of protection including...

Transfer Solutions

A full range of transfer solutions including paypoint windows, transfer trays and pass-troughts, sli...

Peripheral Equipment

Peripheral Equipment Gunnebo provide a variety of peripheral equipment in conjunction with our Secur...

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Performance Doors, Windows and Partitions Brochure

The toughest security and construction standards for buildings such as embassies, banks, prisons, airports and government departments.


High Risk Site Solutions Brochure

A global approach for coherent security


Standards and Regulations Guide

For manual attacks/ballistic/blast resistance – which level of security is suitable for your needs?