What to expect from Gunnebo at the Retail Leaders Forum

The 2018 Retail Leaders Forum will take place in Sydney on the 6th and 7th of March. The event represents the largest gathering of senior retail executives in Australia, and provides attendees a chance to network, strategise and discuss the challenges that face the industry. The forum will host speakers from some of the biggest industry names from Australia and abroad. Gunnebo will be there too, presenting our innovative solutions to help retailers optimise systems and maximise returns.

Representing Gunnebo Australia is Natalie Griffin, our Head of Retail. Natalie has a wealth of knowledge about the retail sector and is deeply passionate about it too. In addition to her thorough knowledge of retail processes, she understands the difficulties retailers face in an ever-changing, increasingly digital marketplace. Natalie will be introducing GRS – Gunnebo Retail Solution – a full suite of tools designed to drive productivity and reduce overheads.

Why do retailers need the Gunnebo Retail Solution?

The physical store can offer something that online retailers can not: personalised service

Natalie and her team have worked long and hard to understand the issues facing retailers today. In an age where e-commerce vendors can offer an extensive range of products, single click instant gratification, and sell at competitive prices – the brick and mortar retailer has a lot to contend with. But the physical store can offer something that online retailers cannot: Friendly, personalised service.

While e-commerce platforms collect data based on browsing patterns and purchase history, recommendations are still generated by algorithms. A personalised, human touch cannot be replicated, and so retailers need to be prepared and able to deliver this to every customer that walks through the door.

Unfortunately, customer service isn’t the only responsibility of a retailer. With multiple systems to juggle, reports to run, cash to count, products to order and an almost infinite list of other responsibilities (including many which have to be met on the fly), it’s not easy to make the necessary resources available for every customer.

GRS promises to unite the disparate systems and processes into one – a single solution that manages every key aspect of operation, allowing retail staff to provide that essential customer experience that differentiates your store from your online competitors.

E-commerce is not the end of traditional retail.E-commerce is growing in popularity, but it doesn’t mean the end of the brick and mortar store.

What is Gunnebo Retail Solution?

Gunnebo Retail Solution (GRS) is a platform built specifically to minimise the number of separate systems that retailers manage by tying them together into one intuitive solution. In recent years retailers have relied heavily on a whole toolbelt of systems and applications that were not compatible and were unable to be integrated together. Not only does GRS offer time savings, it also performs more efficiently than any single application could have on it’s own.

In addition to faster and easier store management, GRS has extensive data processing capabilities. The system offers actionable data in real time, delivered directly to your staff on the floor. Previously, such data was only available through back office reporting, and even then, insights were gained only after lengthy, manual analysis. By leveraging all of GRS’ capabilities, retailers have an opportunity to provide a better quality, more timely customer experience in an environment where this service is critical to success.

Gunnebo Retail Solution takes all the stress out of retail so you can focus on customers.GRS makes room for your staff to deliver the best possible customer service.

What can Gunnebo Retail Solution do?

At the Retail Leaders Forum, Natalie will be discussing the value that GRS provides retailers. When GRS is implemented store-wide, the capabilities are extensive:

When GRS is implemented store-wide, the capabilities are extensive.

Resource and inventory management: GRS utilises people counting software to keep track of the number of shoppers in your store. Further, it can keep track of where they are going. This allows managers to allocate staff appropriately. GRS can also aid in inventory management, ensuring you have the right product where and when you need it.

Systems automation: Designed to eliminate the factor of human error, all store systems can be integrated into GRS. Whether it’s for lights and doors, booting up POS programs, or more product focused processes (setting an optimal temperature for storage of cold or hot food items for example), GRS can ensure that nothing is missed and the store can operate unhindered.

Data analysis: POS systems naturally gather data, and when combined with data gathered elsewhere (people counting software on security cameras for example), the potential for valuable insights is huge. GRS can track and report on virtually any metric you desire, providing you with huge amounts of information on which to base future decisions and maximise efficiency.

Cash handling: GRS includes Gunnebos game-changing cash management systems. This eliminates issues in banking reconciliation, drastically reduces transaction times, and renders redundant the possibility of shrinkage via robbery, counterfeit bills or human error.

Alarm intervention: Not limited solely to customer facing or back office staff, GRS offers huge benefits to security as well. Our retail solution can be integrated with CCTV and other security measures to alert staff to suspicious behaviour, boosting response time and significantly reducing the risk of damage.

Proactive fraud notification: Occasionally, threats to a business can come from within. GRS fraud notification is a failsafe against such attempts. GRS can detect and record attempted safe access, questionable POS transactions and alert security and management to the exact location of the threat, even linking CCTV footage of the attempt to the notification so that appropriate action can be taken.

How can I find out more?

If you won’t be attending the Retail Leaders Forum and wish to know more about GRS, you can download our recent white paper, Optimising retail stores in the digital age, for free. The paper outlines the full capabilities of GRS and how it can benefit retailers across Australia and around the world.

Download Retail Whitepaper