Safe deposit lockers: the future of banking


It might seem like something from the future – you go to the bank, insert an access card, punch in a PIN, scan your fingerprint, and queue a safety deposit locker to be transported to you from deep within a hidden vault.

Such technology isn’t science fiction – Gunnebo’s SafeStore Auto does just that. Like all Gunnebo solutions, SafeStore Auto focuses on performing an expedient service for the customer while maintaining the highest standard of security. We explore this exciting new offering here.

Tech trends in banking

Australians are using mobile banking solutions more than ever, says the Reserve Bank. According to their latest report, credit and debit card use has doubled since 2007, and digital payment methods like BPay and PayPal are on the rise.

Even so, there’s still very much a place for bricks-and mortar establishments in the Australian banking sector. According to Deloitte, 43 per cent of Australians still perceive a lack of security when it comes to mobile banking. How can banks adapt to a world where everyone wants service at the touch of a button? By offering highly secure, automated solutions that are accessible at any time.

The rise of the ’24/7 area’

Ten years ago, the thought of walking into your local bank after hours was inconceivable. Then, banks began to develop 24/7 areas, where members could go to access funds during unstaffed hours. Over time, the automated teller machines (ATMs) in these areas became more advanced, and now customers can drop in whenever to make deposits, withdraw money and transfer funds.

Until now, however, safe deposit boxes weren’t part of the equation. Fortunately, Gunnebo has given us a solution that allows customers to access their valuables at any time without the assistance of a bank employee: SafeStore Auto

How SafeStore Auto works

SafeStore Auto is incredibly easy to use, while still maintaining extreme security. To obtain their safe deposit box, owners simply:

  1. Access the secure area using a card
  2. Insert their card into a reader, followed by their PIN code and a fingerprint scan (you can also adjust the reader to only require either a PIN or biometric data, and a photograph can be taken for added security)
  3. The SafeStore robot fetches the correct box and transports it to the customer
  4. With a personal key, the customer can access the locker and make a deposit
  5. When finished, the customer locks the box and uses the touch screen to return it to the vault

SafeStore Auto gives customers access to their valuables around the clock, but the solution also provides a number of benefits to banks including:

  • Reduced staffing and the ability to free up employees for other tasks
  • SafeControl software that provides valuable, centralised data about box usage and availability
  • Flexibility in terms of space and design
  • A new generation of customers who weren’t previously interested in traditional safe deposit lockers
  • The ability to charge a higher locker rental fee

Want to find out more about how SafeStore Auto can revolutionise your bank’s automated services? Check out our range of automated safe deposit lockers today.