50 years of EuroShop: Time for a new adventure

Early March saw the 19th EuroShop exhibition take place in Dusseldorf, Germany. Established in 1966, EuroShop is the world’s leading (and largest) trade fair for the retail industry, held every three years. Over the last 50 years, the event has become known as the benchmark by which all new retail innovations are measured. Chances are, if you see something exhibited, it will be the norm in just a few years.

In fact, EuroShop has helped to push some of the biggest changes the sector has seen over the last half century, popularising new technologies and ways of operating that have helped the retail sector continue to flourish – even in the face of huge competition.

So, how did the 2017 edition stack up?

EuroShop is dedicated to making retail spaces better and businesses more efficient and profitable.

Celebrating EuroShop’s 50th birthday

Just like the retail industry, EuroShop has changed beyond all recognition over the years. Back in the swinging 60s, the hottest new topic was the switch from cabinets and cupboards to an entirely new way of laying out a store – aisles. Today, it’s hard to believe such a standard of retail could be an innovation, but at the time it was a big deal, with several retailers viewing the exhibition with suspicion. That quickly changed though, when everybody realised how well aisles worked.

The technology may have changed, but EuroShop is still dedicated to making retail spaces better and businesses more efficient and profitable. It’s a model that’s made the event incredibly successful and popular, with 2017’s edition the most popular yet – with more than 113,000 visitors checking out 2,368 exhibitors. This year, the organisers debuted an entirely new format for the five day extravaganza, splitting things into seven ‘dimensions’.

  • POP marketing
  • Expo and event marketing
  • Retail technology
  • Lighting
  • Visual merchandising
  • Shop fitting and store design
  • Food technology and energy management

Across these different dimensions, every facet of the retail world was covered in detail – including by the team from Gunnebo!

Dusseldorf recently played host to EuroShop 2017. Dusseldorf recently played host to EuroShop 2017.

Gunnebo at EuroShop 2017

Gunnebo was proud to be an exhibitor at EuroShop 2017, showcasing a range of products around the theme of ‘Time for an Adventure’. Like the event itself, we’re looking to the future to see how retail spaces will look in twenty years. From a range of cash management and loss prevention products through to our innovative new Gunnebo Retail Solution (GRS), it was was great to be able to share our excitement with retailers from around the world.

For more information about these solutions and much more, contact Gunnebo today.

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