Fast, Secure & Efficient Cash Management- SafeCash Retail Station: Meander Medical Center


Meander Medical Center is a leading clinical healthcare provider employing over 3,000 professional staff and 200 medical specialists. It runs hospitals in the Netherlands and provides care to around 320,000 local inhabitants. Medical data provider, Elsevier, named Meander as one of the best hospitals in the Netherlands in its 2015 report.

In Amersfoort, Meander Medical Center has a modern healthcare facility which has won several awards for its approach to the healing process which combines single rooms, patient privacy, natural light and proximity to green spaces.

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Continual improvement is at the heart of Meander’s operational philosophy, so the hospital is always looking for ways to streamline its processes. Running the healthcare facility in Amersfoort involves a surprising amount of cash management. While clearly not a priority for a healthcare provider, managing cash payments from patients and visitors in the hospital’s pharmacies, hospitality areas and car parks is a burden on resources and does have a cost associated with it.

The Medical Center needed a solution which would simplify the processes involved with cash
handling across the hospital and create a fast, secure and efficient system for cash management.

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Since 2013, the hospital has been using Gunnebo’s SafeCash Retail Station – a back-office solution for the recycling of notes and coins – to manage cash processing.

All the departments that deal with cash are connected centrally and the cash taken each day from the pharmacies, parking and hospitality is processed in one place.

“It is an advantage that the Retail Station takes over a lot of work and increases  security.”

Boudewijn Schols,

Staff Adviser, Meander Medical Center

In the morning, the Retail Station automatically dispenses the chosen mix of denominations for each till and at the end of the day, the whole cash tray is placed into the machine.

Deposited cash is recycled by the Retail Station and used again to prepare cash register floats for the coming day.

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Customer Comments

“The Gunnebo Retail Station is an important link in our cash management process and as long as there are cash payments, this is an efficient way of working for us.”

“Previously, notes and coins went through many different hands and one person controlled the end of- day processes. That was inefficient and lacked security. Flexible working hours of our departments are no longer a problem since the Retail Station is available 24/7 and can always dispense floats and receive deposits.”

“Because money circulates and is now reused inside our facilities, we buy in less cash from CIT services – which is a clear cost reduction. In addition, due to the limited number of actions required by CIT services during pick-up, they only spend a few minutes on site.”

“Money management is not the primary focus of healthcare institutions, so it is an advantage that the Retail Station takes over a lot of work and increases security. In addition, cash reports can be easily made, which makes it clear how many transactions were made during a specific period and by whom.”

“Recently we had two accountants visiting us who said we had a very good cash process – which I personally interpret as a pat on the back!”

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Customer Benefits

  • Fast, secure and efficient cash management
  • Available 24/7 to deposit and dispense cash
  • Reduced workload for staff
  • Increased security
  • Reduced expenditure on CIT services
  • Full transparency over cash levels and transactions
  • Chosen cash mix for tills automatically dispensed at the beginning of each day

“Flexible working hours are no longer a problem – the Retail Station is available 24/7 and can always dispense floats and receive deposits”

Boudewijn Schols
Staff Adviser, Meander Medical Center

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