Crowded Places: Keeping Australia secure

It's easy to think that we are safe here in Australia, far from the unrest we hear about overseas. Unfortunately this isn't always the case, with two incidents in crowded places in Australia  last year.Neither of these local events

Why blast testing standards are critical for security doors and windows

When it comes to high-security products such as reinforced doors and windows, it's critical for businesses and other sensitive sites to know exactly what level of protection they are getting. Every environment will have slightly different ne

Why every venue needs a QuikScan solution to control admissions

Venues and event centres have long lives and sometimes it's important for them to reinvent themselves - whether to attract a different type of customer, complete overdue renovations or simply rebrand and pursue a new direction. Regardless of

Gunnebo: protecting the nation’s people and assets

  On July 26, Gunnebo will be setting up shop at the Security Expo at ICC Sydney in Darling Harbour. We'll be there alongside Australia's top security companies to explain Gunnebo's critical role in protecting the nation's people and assets.

Jumping the queue – using QuikScan to expedite admissions

You've organised your mates, bought tickets and headed to the stadium. Now all that's left to do is enjoy the show. Not so fast though - there's a massive queue. Whether it's a concert or a sporting competition, nothing puts a damper