How retailers can fill the void left by bank branch closures

In 2017, over 40 Australian bank branches were closed by the big four. This isn't a new trend: Australia has been losing branches steadily over the last few years as customers opt to do much of their banking on digital platforms. We

Cash: Why the world needs it and how it continues to stay relevant

Imagine a world without a common value economic instrument. The complexity of trade and commerce or any other transaction around the world would have been unimaginable without a common value determination system. Money is an inevitable part of todayâ

Safe deposit lockers: the future of banking

It might seem like something from the future - you go to the bank, insert an access card, punch in a PIN, scan your fingerprint, and queue a safety deposit locker to be transported to you from deep within a hidden vault. Such technology isn'

50 years of EuroShop: Time for a new adventure

Early March saw the 19th EuroShop exhibition take place in Dusseldorf, Germany. Established in 1966, EuroShop is the world's leading (and largest) trade fair for the retail industry, held every three years. Over the last 50 years, the event has becom