Cash Handling Processes Simplified 

With high volumes of cash being handled daily, Wenty Leagues required a solution which would increase site productivity and safety. 

Wenty Leagues is a large scale entertainment venue which boasts state of the art facilities for its patrons. The venue has numerous restaurants and bars, along with entertainment, function and event spaces, which has seen the club host over 1.4 million people annually. With a venue running to such capacity, there lays a necessity for reliable cash handling processes.

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Gunnebo initially assisted with the improvement of Wenty Leagues cash handling processes by installing RS6 Cash Recycling machines into the venue back in 2016. With a complete master plan renovation recently complete, Wenty Leagues had decided it was time to upgrade their Cash Recycler machines.

The club now have 2 RS8 Cash Recycling machines as well as 3 R8 Cash Recycling machines which are used for a variety of in house tasks such as the re-floating of tills and cash clearances. The benefits to having the RS8/R8 range of Recycling machines installed in the venue include real time reporting, flexibility in denominations loaded, flow with CIT companies, reduced staff expenditure, fast depositing and dispensing and security over the cash within the business.


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The importance of a strong relationship between a customer and supplier such as the one between Gunnebo and Wenty Leagues is paramount in assisting clients find their ideal solution. Working from the ground up to understand a business is what sets us apart as a trusted adviser. Finding the match between technology and business improvement is an imperative piece to any business partnership, something Gunnebo understands and demonstrates through the ongoing partnership with Wenty Leagues.

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Customer Benefits

  • Faster Depositing and Dispensing
  • CIT Integration
  • Secured Cash
  • Staff Optimisation
  • Flexible, Real Time Reporting
  • Cash Handing Visibility and Auditing
  • Pre-Configured, Tiered User Set Up

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