Cash Differences Reduced by 100% – SafePay: Spisestuerne, Copenhagen Business

Spisestuerne serves food to the students and staff of the Copenhagen Business School at several different canteens.

Spisestuerne runs seven canteens affiliated to the Copenhagen Business School (CBS). It prepares and serves breakfast, lunch and dinner to students and staff on a daily basis. CBS is one of Denmark’s eight universities and also one of the largest business schools in Europe. It is attended by over 20,000 students and employs 1,500 people.



Spisestuerne installed four SafePay self-service payment stations at the checkouts of three of its CBS canteens. Spisestuerne’s Technical Manager, Kim Frølund, says this has solved all the previous cash handling issues they had.

The SafePay payment stations accept both notes and coins, and automatically return the correct change to the customer. Staff are not required to handle the cash at all. The payment stations store cash in secure cassettes and recycle it as change throughout the day. The system keeps a constant check on cash levels and at the end of the day, reconciliation is automatic. This eliminates cash differences entirely and makes time-consuming manual cash counting procedures a thing of the past.

Customer Benefits

  • Elimination of cash differences
  • No manual handling of cash or cash counting
  • More time to focus on customer service
  • Constant monitoring of cash levels
  • Automatic reconciliation
  • Prevention of loss and theft
  • Elimination of queues

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