Return on Investment Within 12 Months – SafeCash: Bouwmaat, Netherlands

Harko Ebbens runs five Bouwmaat franchises in the Amsterdam area. His stores deal with up to 2,500 customers a week and cash is still a common form of payment.

Bouwmaat is a Dutch hardware wholesaler which targets small building contractors working on minor renovation, maintenance and construction projects. It opened its first store in 1986 and now consists of four franchise partners who manage 46 sites across the Netherlands. Bouwmaat stores stock a full range of building materials and tools.



Harko introduced the Gunnebo SafeCash Retail Station – a back-office solution for the recycling of notes and coins – at the largest of his Bouwmaat stores.

The old four-eyes principle was immediately replaced, significantly reducing the employee hours needed just for cash counting.


Customer Benefits

  • ROI within 12 months
  • Efficient cash management processes
  • Fewer employees involved in cash counting
  • Less cash ordered
  • Staff have more time for other activities
  • Better security for customers and staff
  • Major cash responsibilities for staff removed

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